5 Things You Don’t Know About iPhone-x Face-ID Detection


Since the iPhone-x launched, there are several questions put up on the security features of iPhone-X. The biggest security threat is on the face ID feature. Here we have five new things you got to know about iPhone-X’s face ID feature.

1. It can detect changes

iPhone-X’s face ID detection system cannot unlock when there will be some changes on face like glasses, cap, beard etc. and may ask for the pass code, but once pass code will be entered it will detect that it is you and save those changes for next time. So, when you up with those glasses, cap and beard again in front of the camera it will detect those changes and unlock your phone.

2. Can detect changes in a dark room

iPhone-X’s face ID detection system can be used in dark places. It’s TrueDepth camera has some special features which allows it to unlock your phone with face detection in a dark room. iPhone-X’s True Depth camera glow a light by radiating infrared rays and easily detect your face. It is said by the team of iPhone-x that these infrared rays cannot harm people’s skin as the amount is really low.

3. Picture cannot unlock your phone

iPhone-X’s face ID detection system works on 3-D shapes, so if a person tries to unlock your phone by placing your photograph in front of the camera, it will not unlock as the photograph is a 2-D object for camera. Only your facial structure can unlock it. The TrueDepth camera can detects the curves of your face easily.

4. Not for kids

Some kids have problem with iPhone-X’s face ID detection system because they have fear that their parents or guardians can unlock their phones by showing their faces in camera. But Apple claims that it is not for kids under the age of 13 because their facial structures are not fully developed.

5. No threat of photos to be leaked

Your photos will not be sent to the developer or the Apple if and only if you agree to send them for updating purpose. Your photos will not be saved in drive of your phone while you are unlocking your phone. All your data will be safe, it will not be sent to any other third party or the Apple itself without your permission.

As Apple always comes with the new features on every new device it has launched . This time also it focused alot to make its iPhone-X best in the smartphone market, even though it is facing many bugs for recognizing the Face-Id and as per Apple it will fix those bugs on its new OS Update .