Amazon is planning to Launch ANYTIME, all in one messaging App


Amazon is working on its own messenger app as per the report from AFTV news. Its been long that we are using whatsapp and Facebook messenger and there is no competitor . Amazon might come with a new messenger app with “All in one feature” including voice and video calls, filters to pictures, games and many more. Additionally, a leaked document indicates that Amazon is working on options to “share your location, listen to music, order food together, and split a bill” with a contact. Anytime will also provide tasks that can be done in groups, like playing games, listening to music, and ordering food.

Amazon even has started surveying users about what feature they’d like to see in this new app called Anytime. According to surveys Anytime will have the feature of encrypted chats, which will increase the security and privacy for the users. Chats will be private and messages will be encrypted.

Also Anytime will allow you to reach your friends with their names only without needing their phone numbers. However its quiet unsure how this is going to work.

The biggest challenge for any app is getting users. This could be challenging for Amazon as this is the first move into messaging space. This would be exciting to know how this new app “Anytime” works and if it beats Whatsapp and facebook messenger app. However amazon introduced chime previously this year which is a communication service for enterprise users.

There is no indication about what stage of development Anytime is. Although It is expected to work on both desktop and mobile devices, including android windows and mac.