Amazon releases waterproof Kindle Oasis on its 10th anniversary

Kindle Oasis

Kindle is serving many readers and is a popular device. You can take your library with you all the time.

Now this time Kindle is going to make its customers happy by launching its first waterproof Kindle Oasis. It builds on last year’s kindle design with IPX8 waterproof rating.

The name “Kindle Oasis” has named same as last year’s premium Kindle. But the difference is that, Oasis has 7 inches screen which is 1 inch larger than the old one. It has aluminum back rather than soft plastics of old one which gives a more premium look.

Last year’s Kindle Oasis comes with a magnetic case which is connected to increase battery life. But new Kindle Oasis comes up with in built big battery which lasts for weeks. Amazon somehow managed to make taper with 3.4 mm thickness with big battery for single hand reading.

New Kindle Oasis has same resolution as before, of 330ppi. But it has some more LED’s to make screen little brighter and also has ambient light sensors to control the display brightness automatically when you change places, like Kindle Voyage.

It has button to turn pages and also touchscreen to turn pages, user can choose any of the options which will be more comfortable.

Last year’s model is also called Oasis but it was not waterproof but this time it is also waterproof. Now you can read in rain or underwater for an hour.

Another great news about Kindle Oasis is that it comes with built-in audible app. It still cannot have any speakers but you can stream any audio book over a device with Bluetooth.

New Kindle Oasis’s shipping starting at October, and it costs you around $250 USD for an 8 GB model which is double than the previous kindles. So that it can easily store audio books.

This is a good option for reading fans, because now they can read in rain and there is no worry of battery life from now.