Apple is working on Apple Band Watch that can properly fit to Wearer Wrist

apple band watch
apple band watch

Apple has recently released a patent that says that Apple is going to make a new strap design for Apple Band Watch which can fit on the wearer’s wrist by itself.

Apple is making two options for users, either watch can tighten itself by all itself by detecting the wrist size or select from some pre-defined settings in watch to adjust it on your wrist. It is user’s choice, whatever method they can adopt.

It seems to be a cool feature and has some practical benefits in real and it can help both user and company.

One implementation Apple is doing on Smart Band Watch is auto adjustable band which can tighten itself on your wrist. The second implementation is based on embedded memory wire which uses gas or fluid bladders to control the strap shape and fit it properly on user’s wrist.

Apple’s patent

Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 9,781984 for “Dynamic fit adjustment for wearable electronic devices” explains that the Cupertino bases firm was considering several systems to make the self-adjusting strap real, including one that uses the clasp to automatically pull and push the band.

Apple also explains in the patent that, “Systems and methods for dynamically adjusting the fit of a wearable electronic device are many embodiments, a tensioner associated with a wearable electronic device can control one or more actuators that are mechanically coupled to either the housing or to a band attached to wearable electronic device. In one example, in response to a signal to increase the tightness of the band, the tensioner can cause the actuators to increase the tension within the band”.


As the watch fits properly on wrist,

  • It would not freely rotate on your wrist.
  • It can measure your heart rate more accurately.
  • Can detect movement more precisely.
  • It can transfer more accurate readings.

As other patents out, there is no surety that Apple could really take to production level. But it seems that Apple is very much interested in this project.