More delay in the shipment of iPhone X

iphone X shipment
iphone X

If you are also eagerly waiting for your new iPhone X then you have to wait for a little longer time. Many iPhone users are waiting for 3rd November for their new iPhone X. But now there are some news that iPhone X production is delayed due to some circumstances.

According to a tweet from financial news wire service Brightwire which says, “Apple might delay shipment of first 1 million iPhone X handsets to December as yield rate dips below 10 percent”. But right now no official confirmation is given from Apple about any delay. According to 3rd November is still the date of first shipment of iPhone X.

If Apple delayed this time, then it would be the second delay and customers might can’t wait and go for the latest model of the iPhone that would be available in the market. 10 percent of the reduction in production in the iPhone means that the 90 percent of the models are rolling off the assembly line not fit to be shipped.

There may be some reasons in the delay of iPhone X. One might be the OLED display which has 3D sensors. These display panels might be the cause of second delay in iPhone X shipment from November to December.

This delay can reduce the sales of iPhone X surely, because customers are already compromises with one delay. A brand like Apple if do such careless things then it should get reduction in number of customers. Apple should do something to avoid a drastic damage to its sales and increase the production rate if there are some delaying in the production of iPhone X. customers are excited for the new iPhone X and the excitement is converting into a long wait.

But hope for the best, because right now there is no official declaration of any type of delay.