Dropbox decided to make its own infrastructure and network


Dropbox is not same as in 2008, when it comes as a small startup. As time goes on Dropbox grows and its customers and clients increases. When Dropbox comes, it buys infrastructure and network from AWS. But now the data consumption is very high and AWS becomes so expensive for Dropbox. So Dropbox decided to drop AWS and build its own infrastructure and network.

Dropbox has 500 million users with 200,000 business customers and for them a huge amount of data is required. When these customers made transition, a huge amount of data of around 500 petabytes (17 zeroes ahead of 5) had to move.

First of all Dropbox have to build its own infrastructure to replace AWS and to transport data. But the problem is Dropbox have very few people in their manufacturing, production and infrastructure team. With a small team, making a huge infrastructure and network is a tough task.

To accomplish this task, Dropbox have to make buildings with 3 US data centers and a network backbone (the infrastructure which connects US data centers to other facilities across worldwide). So that when you open Dropbox and click on a file then it must start downloading instantly.

“What’s neat about the backbone is that it’s similar to something you might find at Google or Facebook, but we built this with a relatively small team,” Dan Williams, head of production engineering at Dropbox told TechCrunch.

Dan Williams also said that, “For us, it was quality, control and management. We know there are solid third parties out there with high quality and performance, but we felt ours could be equal or better because we know the system so well.”

This decision of Dropbox for building own network and infrastructure may have a positive impact on business. With the trust of customers on company, it would be beneficial for Dropbox if everything goes right.