Mozilla Announces Firefox 57 Quantum, Beta Version Out

Firefox 57 Quantum

If you changed your browser from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome, then it is the time to get back to Firefox. Firefox has just launched it’s new beta version of Firefox 57 Quantum. Actually quantum is not a web browser. Quantum is Mozilla’s project to build the next-generation web engine for Firefox users, building on the Gecko engine as a solid foundation. Engine is equally important for browsers to maintain a good surfing speed. To give a good speed to customers Firefox changed its engine from servo to gecko which makes Firefox a much stable browser. There are several things which makes it a next generation browser.

Firefox 57 Quantum with new UI:

Photon Firefox makes a new faster and more modern user interface for Quantum. Photon includes new redesigned menus, square tabs and a library for bookmarks, downloads, history etc. Moreover this new look has many exciting features which includes In-browser screenshot, multiple tab view and bookmark access across all your devices.

Speed and Memory

New Firefox quantum browser comes up (2X) two times more speed than last year with the help of new Gecko engine. Because the internet waits for no one Firefox Quantum’s new search engine takes 30% less memory than Google Chrome. Now other applications will not slow down during browsing.
Mozilla says that while Firefox till now ran mostly on just one CPU core, Firefox Quantum has advantage of multiple CPU cores. It says that this improved utilization of the computer’s hardware makes Firefox Quantum dramatically faster.
Mozilla has tested Firefox in comparison with other browsers and the results are way better for Firefox 57 Beta.

DevTool in Firefox 57

It uses standard web technologies like React and Redux to implement the Console, Debugger and Network tabs. New features like working with CSS grid, CSS variables, toggling classes on elements etc. are there in the Inspector. The new console supports inspecting objects in line and grouping messages. Three new ways to search, navigate, and debug projects are now available in the Debugger. Firefox 57 provides a good option for internet addicts to increase their surfing speed to reach next level of speed.

Firefox quantum will be available for all the supported platforms by November 14. Beta version is released however before using Beta version keep in your mind that stable version is yet to release. Final release will be free of bugs and will be suitable for all your production work.