Best Free Data Backup Applications to Prevent Disaster

Data Backup Applications
Data Backup Applications

We all suffer at least once in our life or more when our computer breaks down or dies. But the main loss is of our important data inside it. We suffer from that problem because we do not have any backup of our data. What we think is that all the Best Data Backup Applications are pretty costly but there are some which are free.



  • COMODO Backup has lots of features to backup data. It can backup you browser data, email accounts, files, folders, registry files or system drives.
  • You can backup your data in external drives, FTP server or send as mail.
  • Various formats of files like CBU, ZIP and ISO are supported in COMODO Backup. You can also make it secure by adding a password to it.
  • COMODO Backup will be used in Windows XP to Windows 10.

 EaseUS Todo Backup

  • EaseUS Todo Backup can backup single files, whole folders, entire disk, partition or system drives from a local drive network folder.
  • Backups made by this software are readable by Windows explorer, you can only see the data in EaseUS Todo Backup. You can restore folders or files to their original location anytime.
  • You can find a backup by searching file name or extension, tree view with the original folder structure intact or by filter all the backed up files by type like email/picture /video.
  • EaseUS Todo Backup is compatible in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

FileFort Backup

  • FileFort Backup can backup your files in BKZ, EXE or ZIP format or a regular mirror backup to the destination. You can backup single files or multiple folders to external drives, network folders or in other folder in same drive.
  • While backing up your data you’re able to filter files of certain size and particular file type.
  • You can schedule your backups daily, weekly or monthly according to your ease.
  • It is compatible for Windows XP to Windows 10 and max is ( 10.4 and higher ).

 DriveImage XML

  • DriveImage XML can backup two files, system drive or any other attached drive to local drive, external drive or network folder.
  • Backup is done in the form of a DAT file that contains actual data with a XML file which contains descriptive information about the backup.
  • You can use Task Scheduler to automatically schedule a task.
  • DriveImage XML is compatible in Windows XP to 10 including Windows server 2003.

 Yadis! Backup

  • Yadis! Backup can also backup folders to local and external drives, network drive or an FTP server.
  • Here in this you cannot schedule your backup like per hour, day, week or month. You just have two options to run backup, that is, automatically or manually.
  • You can take only one folder at a time for back. To access files that have been backed up is to browse through the backup folder. You cannot easily restore backup files.
  • Yadis! Backup can work in Windows XP to Windows 10.

Iperius Backup

  • Iperius Backup can just back up files from a local folder to a local drive or a network.
  • User interface of Iperius Backup is very neat and easy to use. Menus and various icons are displayed by separate tabs.
  • Backup process can be done by single file to file or whole folder at a time. Hidden files and system files are also included in backup process. Iperius Backup can place backup jobs in line before and after completion of a backup job.
  • Iperius Backup can run in Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


  • Disk2vhd can creates a virtual hard disk file (VHD or VHDX) from the real hard disk to use the hard disk file in Microsoft Virtual PC. VirtualBox and VMware Workstation can also be used.
  • Disk2vhd has some great features like you can back up the primary hard drive and no need to boot a disk. Also, only used space will be backed up, like a 10 GB drive with 1 GB used space can create only 1 GB backup file.
  • Microsoft Virtual PC can only use VHD files to 127 GB. If files are larger than 127 GB than virtualisation software can be used.
  • Disk2vhd works with Windows XP to 10 and Windows Server 2003.

 Macrium Reflect

  • Macrium Reflect can back up partitions to an image file or copy directly to other drive.
  • If your backup file is saved as an image, then it will produce an MRIMG file. This file can only be opened by Macrium Reflect.
  • You can save this file to local or external drive or burn it to a disk. You can even backup your file at multiple places.
  • Scheduling of backup as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly can be done by Macrium Reflect. Backup image can also be converted into VHD (Virtual Hard Disk).
  • Individual files, folders backup and encryption is not supported in Macrium Reflect.

So, just you need to be aware about the Best Free Data backup applications and you can save all your data loss. Keeping backup of all your data is a good practice and I think above Best free Data backup applications are surely gonna help. Cheers !!