Google Allo for Web is now in Firefox, Opera and also for iOS


Google Allo is a great messaging app, which is very famous among people. Google Allo was running as mobile app and supports only Chrome browser till august 2017. But now Google updates Allo by adding some features to it. After so many requests of public, Google now released the web version of Allo app which is now supports in Firefox and Opera browser. One more good news is that the Allo app is now also supports in IOS.

Google Allo is on Chrome from last few months but now you can run it in Firefox and Opera also, it works same as in Chrome.

The Head of Product for Allo and Duo, “Amit Fulay” tweeted that Allo for web now supports Firefox, Chrome and IOS.

To enable this feature

  • Open Allo app in your phone
  • Select “Allo for web” from the hamburger menu on the left
  • Now scan the QR code on your computer by your phone and you are ready with all your conversations on your desktop.

Google was making promises since a long time for web version of Allo app and it’s done. IOS users are also be happy because Allo now runs in IOS also.

With Microsoft, Apple and other big companies, Google is ready to make a place in the run of making customers.