Google Assistant Now With Male Voice Too

Google assistant
Google Assistant now has Male voice too

Google is making some long steps in technical race by its back to back updates. Recently Google had an event of its pixel 2 mobile phone in which Google launched some new products like pixel 2 & pixel 2 XL, Google Home Mini, Google PixelBook and VR Headsets. This time Google eliminates the discrimination in virtual assistant’s voice. Now Google Assistant has male voice too. Till now every company’s assistant has only female voice either it is Microsoft’s Cortana or Amazon’s Assistant Alexa.

To eliminate voice discrimination Google introduces male voice too. This option comes in Google Assistant’s settings with voice I and voice II. Voice I is for female voice and voice II is for male voice. But right now this function is not for everyone. If you did not find this option in your settings then you have to wait for some updates now. It seems like this additional voice option is limited to US English only in terms of language compatibility, but it would be expected by Google to roll that out to additional markets in time.

Google Assistant

How to change Google Assistant voice

1) Open the Google Assistant app

2) Tap on the three-dot menu button and open Settings

3) Open Preferences and go to Assistant Voice

4) Switch from Voice I (female) to Voice II (male)

This new male voice of Google Assistant is like a robotic voice. Although it would be pretty much fun. For boys it would be OK to hear a girl’s voice, but girls now can talk to a virtual man which works according to them. Apart from that it is a good update from Google to virtual gender voice discrimination.

One thing which is very annoying of this new feature of Google Assistant is that robotic voice. It would be great if that voice would be natural and much more realistic.

With these regular updates in their products, Google is really taking care of their customers and also attracting new customers towards it.