Google removed android wear from Google store

android wear
android wear

On one hand Google is launching its new products like Google pixel 2, Google Home Mini, Google VR Headsets etc. and on the other side it removed android wear smart watches from Google store. Fans of android wear smart watches might be panicked by this news.

A Google employee Hoi Lam explained on twitter that, from now onward Google just sell its own made Google products. Android wear smart watches are not originally made by Google, and has nothing to do with Google. That’s why Google decided to remove android wear from Google store.

Android wear 2.0-toting, LG watch sport, LG watch style etc. were seems to be sold by Google at some time but these are now listed as “no longer available” on Google store. But these products are now pushed on other online stores like Amazon and on some offline stores.

There is only one product on Google store which is not made by Google, that is, “Nest Thermostats”. Google store was previously sell those items also which works on its operating system, but now sells those items only which are made by Google or Google’s own hardware.

If you type any android wear in search box Google store then it shows nothing in the results. These android wear smart watches are removed from Google store but are still available on Best Buy, AT&T, Amazon etc.

In the tweet Hoi Lam said “Google made a decision to only stock its own hardware. Our team knew the plan for a year now and invested in custom store fronts with online retailors”.

I think this decision of Google is pretty much logical, to sell only its own hardware on Google store. Other company’s products which are removed from the Google store are still available on other shopping stores. If you want to buy them, you can. It’s just that Google want to customize its store.