Google announces Upspin, an open source file sharing project


On Tuesday, Google announced a new project with an aim to provide a better services and reducing the time wasted on copying and repackaging.

Upspin is not exactly a file system, it is set of protocols and  which can be used to connect file systems and storage services. There are many file sharing services and storage services but Google wants to streamline the services. Files can be easily copied without uploading or downloading.

Working –

  • When you give a file an Upspin name, it can be copied without having to upload and download data streams.
  • It can be shared easily and securely with anyone that has the permission to access the network.
  • The file name begins with email address of user followed by a slash separated UNIX like path name. For example –, which is then evaluated by Upspin to identify other files and directories.
  • Users with permission to access these files can do so and these permissions can be easily extended , they only need to add a file called “Access” to the directory which describes the permission they grant.

Ex- read:

“Our target audience is personal users, families, or groups of friends. Although Upspin might have application in enterprise environments, we think that focusing on the consumer case enables easy-to-understand and easy-to-use sharing,” Google said.

Company further added -” Performance is not a primary goal. Uniformity and security are”

Upspin is a layer of infrastructure that other software and services can build on to facilitate secure access and sharing,” Google says.

This project has been given to open source community and Google engineers are actively working on this with some integrations with open source.