iCloud services infrastructure head leaves the company


This must be big shock to Apple. Now this is the signal to Apple to not depend on external cloud services. Eric Billingsley, who was head of Operating Infrastructure for iCloud services and iCloud Drive Document Storage services, gave his resignation. Eric Billingsley earlier worked with eBay and Google joined Apple in 2013.

Members, who was working under Eric Billingsley are now will now reports to engineering Vice president Patrice Gautier, CNBC reported citing industry sources late Friday.

To complete the needs of iCloud services, Eric Billingsley’s team is now depend upon external public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

A major outage in February had impacted Apple Music, iCloud services and iTunes among other services.

Billingsley’s resign could signals Apple’s plan to depend less on external cloud services and more on its own data center infrastructure as part of its “Project McQueen”.

After the resignation of Eric Billingsley, now the whole work pressure of iCloud infrastructure in on the shoulders of Patrice Gautier (Engineering Vice President).

Apple has a lot of customers, and is a trustworthy company. So, Apple has to make sure that there would be no problem to customers.