Its easy with COZY, your own cloud at home

cozy cloud

From a personal private cloud and application platform to universal open source tool, Cozy made the routine task a bit easy and data storage more reliable.

Cozy is a web-based cloud storage application where you can upload, store, share, edit and perform many other tasks on your finger tips. Drag and drop works easily and gives an attractive interface to users. Its an open source personal cloud, source code of which is available on ‘github‘.

Cozy can be easily installed in your device and supported by android as well, hopefully it will be available for android soon. It can b easily run on raspberry, Debian or Linux machines. Installation of cozy is easy and assumes that no web server is running. If there is already a web server running it might take time and steps more but it can be easily installed in virtual private server and by default it will ask for nginx web-server.

cozy cloud
cozy cloud

By default cozy comes up with some core applications .Cozy has an integrated app store for calendar, contacts, emails ,photos, calendar, contacts, notebook( tiddywiki ) and many more. A remote storage for unhosted application is also available. Data from external parties can be easily imported via connectors. All these features of Cozy make it exciting and users can easily get dependent for there day to day routine task.

Advance users can also run it as VM.


Though Cozy has some great features but there are areas of development and they might be working on it. synchronization is not availability for all, its for beta or Linux clients only.  It can be a problem for power users and also no iOS applications available.

But then cozy has some real goals, its a platform where you can deploy any cloud based service you need in just one go .