Kickass Torrents is back Soon


The world’s largest torrent website KickassTorrents, has been born-again courtesy of its original keepers.

US federal authorities had taken down the site around july of previous year, after the arrest of the site’s alleged owner, Artem Vaulin.

As with most torrent sites nowadays, KickassTorrents’ (KAT) servers were distributed everywhere the globe, making it down quickly is almost impossible  . whereas the domain names were detained by federal authorities and its owner inactive and arrested , the site’s original info of torrents and community stay intact.

TorrentFreak reports that the site’s community, which incorporates forum admins, moderators and members are banded along to reconstruct the site. Their efforts area unit documented on forums at

The group have at last patched together a site that seems simply like the first KAT and relaunched it as

Since these admins and moderators don’t seem to possess access to KAT’s original codebase, the website isn’t a replica of the original site . TorrentFreak points out that the user info is new which the torrent info isn’t however complete.

The chance to reconstruct the website from scratch has apparently given the team to create a more secure KAT  “ , so as to remain our site members safe we tend to choose to reproduce and keep exclusively safe parts. Regardless of the very certainty that a reproduce took longer, the security of our group comes first,” a group part told TorrentFreak.

Interestingly, the KAT crew appear unconcerned by legal proceeding against the website. They claim that the website follows DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) procedures which their goal is to keep up KAT as a “community-based forum and a torrent search engine” that doesn’t host unlawful content.

We couldn’t verify that statement for ourselves as a result of the new website seems to be down. A message from the website admin reads, “Servers Load are affected, there are other few sources of this issue, it’s not just one.”

Whatever else KAT members could claim, however, it’s price noting that the federal authorities have charged the owner of the website with infringement and seized  the initial domains for hosting over $1billion price of proprietary content.