Microsoft announced Cortana personal assistant for Android


Microsoft has updated its Cortana personal assistant for Android,

As per Microsoft official announcement  , this new update version of Cortana comes up with various features like it shows you current top news and your my day view items , which is very much helpful for those who depends on their personal digital assistance for getting all the information at a glance.

Moreover Microsoft has implemented various new updates , which are similar to those available on windows which can be seen when performing specific action for example create and edit a new list and item .

Phone number support for registration

The company reveals that due to this update, it’s easier to register and check in to start using Cortana by only providing your phone no and you are able to use it.

Addition to this update It should assist user by providing some personalized helps and tips to make application more user friendly and handy , but on contrary it often tend to become bit annoying if it don’t provide anything new to user .

Cortana has received many updates in some time period , however Microsoft still lists the digital assistant as “beta software ,” because certain bugs and issue can be experienced with the new update also ,

On the opposite hand, this new major update lives proof that Microsoft is serious about winning Android with Cortana, despite the very fact that many other big companies also providing their own personal virtual assistant , including amazon and Google also .

Surprisingly, however, Cortana is getting very tremendous feedback from the Android users Cortana getting 4.2 out of 5 rating with installation base in between 5 million