Microsoft releasing Edge browser and Microsoft Launcher for Android and IOS


Microsoft is really taking care of its customers. After launching Microsoft office for Mac users, now Microsoft is going to launch its Windows 10 Edge browser for android and IOS users and also Microsoft launcher for android users.

Microsoft Edge browser for android and IOS

Microsoft edge for android and ios
Microsoft edge for android and ios

Edge browser is now on your mobile from your PC. But Microsoft did not provide its own rendering engine. Microsoft edge is depends upon Bing engine in android and Webkit in IOS. It is not controlled by web view in android.

It has a resume option which enables you to open your pages or articles in your mobile from where you left in your PC. To enable this feature you have to just sign in in both the places and it automatically sync your data. It also has all the basic features of Microsoft Edge’s PC version.

Microsoft Launcher for android


Microsoft just renamed its previous launcher (Arrow launcher) by Microsoft launcher. But this launcher is only for android because IOS did not have that feature of customizing the launcher.

It can take all your favorite people on home screen, to find them quickly, just as in Windows 10. Just by swiping right you have all top news, important feed, recent applications etc. User interface of this launcher is very beautiful and customizable. You can change background colors, add gestures for various functions etc. Microsoft launcher make it easy to work for you. Now you can continue your work, whatever work you are doing, on your pc.

This might be not a good news for those who are still stick to Windows phones, because Microsoft is not making any effort for Windows.

Microsoft Focuses more on Its Products and digital market. Microsoft is trying to attract some customers from android and IOS. That’s why it is only focusing on updates for android and IOS.