Nokia`s 3310 is back to life


Nokia has sold 126 million of its original 3310 phone since it had been 1st introduced back in September, 2000. it had been a time before the iPhone, and Nokia ruled with widespread handsets that permit you play easy games like Snake.

Currently the Nokia 3310 is creating a great comeback within the style of a  lot of trendy variant, due to Nokia-branded phone maker HMD. Like as before, it’ll still be known as the Nokia 3310, however this point it’s running Nokia’s Series 30+ software system, with a 2.4-inch size of QVGA display, a 2-megapixel camera, and even a micro SD slot.

Those specs area unit still fairly basic by our trendy phone standards, however that’s the sweetness of such a basic feature phone. in contrast to the brick-like strength of the previous 3310, the fashionable variant could be a very little smaller, thinner, and lighter all spherical.


It’s additionally plenty a lot of colorful this point around, with shiny yellow and red colours, and matte grey and dark blue models. It’s instantly recognizable as a Nokia, and HMD has even include a new type Modern age Snake game on the telephone set simply to play as before .

Opera mini is bundled for basic internet aquatics, however the real point is battery life. Rather like most feature phones, standby time on the Nokia 3310 is thirty one days, with a talk time of twenty-two hours. That’s a colossal quantity of battery life, however because the phone is therefore basic you’re hardly attending to be wasting battery away on twitter or Facebook.

HMD is aiming to create the new Nokia 3310 accessible in Q2 this year
the price of new Nokia 3310 is forty nine(49) euros ($52)