Red Hat Enterprise Linux new version is here, RHEL 7.4


RedHat provides the tools to modernize the infrastructure, boost efficiency through standardization and virtualization. RedHat provides stability as well as flexibility and is the dominating linux distribution for corporate.

From RHEL 7.1 to RHEL 7.3 there are a lot more updates and changes and now this latest release RHEL 7.4 is here, which promisingly is the most powerful OS for enterprise. Though a lot many features are not been added, however when it comes to security, performance and architecture surely it does count.

Jim Tottonvice(President and General Manager, PBU, Red Hat) says “The latest version of the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform supports each of these deployment methodologies with new security features, improved performance and introduces new automation capabilities to cut through the inherent complexities of heterogeneous datacenters,”

When it comes to security, linux is the most secure OS and Rhel 7.4 added in it. New audit capabilities are enabled in Rhel 7.4. These refreshed audit capabilities makes it easier for Admins to filter event logs, gather more information from critical events and to interpret large numbers of records .Another feature USB guard provides system admin with greater control over how users use plug-and-play devices to help limit both data leak and data injection

Rhel 7.4 also provides enterprise enhanced container security with integrated support for SELinux and OverlayFS which increases the file system security.

Rhel also provides support for NVMe Over Fabric providing users increased performance and reduced overhead with high flexibility when accessing high- performance NVMe storage devices that are located in the data centers on both Ethernet or Infiniband fabric infrastructures. It becomes more better when Rhel is deployed on public clouds which decreases boot times and has support for Elastic Network Adapter on Amazon Web Services to enable new network capabilities.

As everything in information center is turning its way to the cloud, dominant IT environments continues to become additional complicated. In addition to Red Hat Satellite and Ansible Tower, RHEL 7.4 introduces Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system Roles as another Technology Preview, that permits  users to create an automated workflow via Ansible automation as well as provides a common management interface and used across all versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

RHEL 7.4 supports any hardware architecture that might be found in any information center. It supports X86,  IBM Power, IBM z Systems and 64-bit ARM

Basically this new updates has everything and it is worth updating to it. It provides improved security and infrastructure without compromising in performance. In every iteration Rhel comes with more powerful enterprise base to provide the best of services to their partners and customers