Skype For Business, Now in BMW 5 Series


Microsoft has been heading everywhere and always comes up with something exciting and something more surprising. And now Microsoft is expanding its partnership with BMW and has announced that Skype for Business is coming to BMW cars that uses BMW’s iDrive system. The announcement, made at BMW’s Innovation Days event to expand the partnership between two companies.BMW is already using Office 365 communications to BMW 5 series cars since December and now Skype for business.

This will allow business users to dial while they are on their way. Users can easily attend skype meetings and get notified about their meetings.Skype video chatting and many more skype exciting features while driving.

The functionality will be operated via BMW’s iDrive system. The system will work by triggering notices/communications for meetings, allowing drivers to dial-in without having to enter the (meeting to discuss things/meeting together) number details manually. BMW will also enable tighter integration with calendars, contacts, and to-do lists all from Microsoft’s Exchange service.

Before it expand to other countries, BMW is planning to enable the Skype for Business feature in France, Germany, and the UK initially.BMW is also planning to introduce Cortana(Microsoft’s personal assistant) in BMW vehicles.

Skype in the car initially sounds like a terrible idea, however its been successful with Volvo. Volvo car maker is the first one to introduce such a leading collaborative productive app to its 90 series car however skype for business is going to make its dashboard debut in BMW 5 series.