Whatsaap announces two-step verification


The most favourite chat application whatsapp has announced the two step verification as the optional security feature which is going to add a layer of security to whatsapp accounts.

This feature is compatible with all iOS, android and windows devices but this might take time to update every whatsapp with this feature.

This feature is easily visible and can be enabled.

How to enable

#go to settings

#tap on account

#move to two step verification

#click to enable

As soon as you will enable two step verification it will ask for six digit pass code of your choice and optionally you can enter email I’d to recover your account if you forget the passcode.

In case you forget the passcode a link will be sent to the email I’d to disable two step verification and recover the account.

Things to keep in mind before enabling two step verification

  • Enter a email I’d which is in use as whatsapp do not verifies the validation of email I’d so Incase you forget passcode only email I’d is savior.
  • Do not click on email link if you have not requested to disable two step verification, as this could be done by someone else to hack your account.
  • If you do not use email I’d and you forget your passcode, you will be locked out of your whatsapp account forever.
  • whatsapp will not let you reverify your account withing seven days of using whatsapp without using passcode.

This Feature is going to add security to whatsapp but remembering passcode is required. Whatsapp has added some time to time pop-ups which will ask for passcode to help you remind your passcode bit this could be annoying sometimes.