YouTube incognito mode for Android

YouTube Incognito mode

YouTube, the most popular video streaming website has announced incognito mode for its Android users. Seems like YouTube is taking a step ahead to keep your surfing secret just like the google chrome. At times you do not want the video you watched to be in your history, so this YouTube update is for you.  YouTube is testing the incognito mode since May and finally decided to roll it out. YouTube incognito mode is the new update for Android users.

How YouTube Incognito mode works

One the app will be updated there will be a new option in account section “turn on incognito mode”. In the new incognito mode, there will be an additional bar at the bottom of the screen to remind you the fact that you are in incognito mode. It will replace your account tab by Google incognito mode detective. Once you move out of the incognito mode it will clear your search and watch history. If YouTube will sense inactivity for some time the incognito mode will automatically deactivate. With the YouTube incognito mode, you will only be able to access home and trending tab. If  you want to use inbox, library, subscriptions you would require to sign-out the incognito mode. The new YouTube incognito mode is fast and very convenient to use. You tube will not use the videos you have watched in incognito mode to show you recommendations.

Note: – When you will switch to the incognito mode you will get a prompt stating that your employer, School or IP will be able to track your activities.

The latest version of YouTube application is available in Android play store to download so all you need to do is update your YouTube application. This feature is currently not available for iOS however we hope they will launch it soon.

Android users definitely going to enjoy this feature as this brings more privacy to the app.